Rock Hard Power Cream Odourless & Tasteless 15ml stay hard


Rock Hard Power Cream is  Odourless & Tasteless 15mTasteless



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  • Sexually enhancing penis cream for men
  • Gives sexual stamina
  • Can help improve erectile difficulties
  • Odour-less
  • Tasteless

For the man who wants to reliably pleasure his partner during sex every time, this Rok Hard Power Cream will give you staying power and stamina that is sure to impress. Longer lasting sex .Should you have any worries with sexual or erection problems then this is your fast, simple and easy solution! The Rock Hard Power Cream is used by men and applied directly to the penis. Simply unscrew the cap and dispense how much you need, as little or as much as you want , on to your palm. Simply massage the cream into your penis and feel the special ingredients start to take their effect. This Rock Hard Power Cream is odour free so your partner won’t even know you have used it. This gives you even more confidence and will lead to a better performance sexually. It’s also tasteless so if you and your partner decide to engage in oral sex there is no unpleasant taste to your skin due to this cream. The Rock Hard Power Cream comes in a tube containing 50ml.

Rock Hard Power Cream

This Special formula is great for making stronger and longer erections. Simply apply the cream to your member and gain extra a extra stong erection. This cream comes in a 50ml tube and is ordeless and taste free.

  • 1. Helps to stimulate cell division and metabolism of cells as well.
  • 2. Helps the blood circulation in the tissue around the penis.
  • 3. Stimulates sexual arousal and increase hormonal
  • 4. The positive effect for penis enlargement is ensured thanks to a synergistic complex of biologically active substances
  • 5. After cleaning the penis, apply a proper amount of cream to the penis and gently massage until completely absorbed.
  • 6. Stick to use, the effect is more stable
  • 7. Stain free, easily removed with water.



This is an item which can not be used more than two times a day. Apply this product to the penis. Massage for 5 minutes. The penis is fully absorbed, and increase the effect is very significant. every day after bathing, massage evenly throughout the penis and stick the long-term use can reach the perfect time to experience.* enhance the penis hardness, make more lasting erections, more hard. Complete course 3 to 5 tubes

Warm Tips:

  • 1. This product is for adult products, minors please do not buy
  • 2. Store, please avoid exposure, away from children
  • 3. Please tighten and seal after use.
  • 4. If there is any discomfort during use, please stop using it immediately and wash it with water.
  • 5. Increase/roughening effect varies from person to person
  • 6. Manually measure the size, please allow for errors





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