Your order will be handled fully with the manufacturer. Once an item is ordered it will leave the County of orgin and delivered to your Country.

This normally takes 7-10 days but can take 14 days.

Depending on your Countries customs and border control your item can be delayed during peak times. 

Once your item has left the manufacturer, it can only be cancelled after it is returned to them. 

If you order in error Contact us ASAP so we can attempt to stop order early and refund fast.

We do guarantee that your order will reach you, and if for any reason that does not happen we will sort the refund for you.

Your order is excepted based on you agreeing to these rules.

UPDATE Please note Coronavirus is causing delays for items worldwide. Please do not order if you need your item quickly. Due to restrictions on flights and in some Countries restrictions on numbers allowed in a work place , items are currently taking longer than usual. We understand this may be a inconvenience. However we are supporting those people who need us most, now. If you do order, expect delays but still be reassured that if in the highly unlikely event of your item not being dispatched, your refund will be guaranteed by us.

We stand together against this global disease and the people who are suffering   

Customer who do order will get a free gift after delivery, We will contact all Customers who order from January 2020 after delivery of items - as a thank you for your patience and support against Caronavirus.

The free gift will have a minimum of 3 options and sent from our UK warehouse.